Ewenyigba TV Launches “Avudra Comedy Show”

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When we talk about talent, much is expected from the Volta Region of Ghana looking at the positions natives of the region hold in the creative arts industry.

A new internet based television station ” Ewenyigba TV” will be a stepping stone for talents in the region, especially ones that portray the culture, traditions and teachings of the people.

Ewenyigba TV is a non-stop predominantly Ewe language channel. It carries non stop music videoclips, talk shows, news and matters affecting Eweland and beyond. It’s audience is worldwide. For now, the channel can be viewed by downloading the Ewenyigba TV app on Google play store using the following link

Some teasers of the “Avudra Comedy Show” are available on https://www.disdekgh.com

As stated above not only comedy shows will be airing but also other important teachings which are of importance to eweland.

The “Avudra Comedy Show” is not just funny but also educative and informative.

In order to enjoy the “Avudra Comedy Show” you must dowload and install the Ewenyigba TV app from Goolge Play Store.

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