Know Who You Are And What You Can Do To Succeed In Life (Must Read)

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The seven days of the week are named for the Sun, Moon, and five of the major planets.


Sunday = Sun (a star)


Monday = Moon (Satellite of the Earth)


Tuesday = Mars (Tiew -Nordic name for Mars)


Wednesday = Mercury (Woden – Nordic name for Mercury)


Thursday = Jupiter (Thor – Nordic name for Jupiter)


Friday = Venus (Freya – Nodic name for Venus)


Saturday = Saturn (Saturn day)


Details suggest that persons born on days of the week “ruled” by a particular heavenly body (planet) which may have some innate characteristics of that “ruler” regardless of whatever may be their Sun-Sign. Some of these traits maybe good and bad:


Sunday Borns (“ruled” by the Sun) Creative, bold, noble, proud, outgoing, vain, self-centered, boastful, loud, overbearing



Monday Borns (“ruled” by the Moon) — Impressionable, kind, adaptable, modest, motherly, possessive, smothering, maudlin, super-sensitive, inconstant



Tuesday Borns (“ruled” by Mars) — Courageous, leader, constructive, brave, pioneer, hot-tempered, impatient, pushy, destructive, explosive



Wednesday Borns (“ruled” by Mercury) – Mental, communicative, versatile, quick, logical, gossipy, duplistic, unreliable, chatterbox, careless



Thursday Borns (“ruled” by Jupiter) – Honorable, expansive, generous, jovial, philosophical, extravagant, conceited, hypocritical, sharp-tongued, fanatical



Friday Borns (“ruled” by Venus) – Affectionate, sympathetic, caring, social, artistic, seductive, over-sexed, vain, vulgar, lazy



Saturday Borns (“ruled” by Saturn) – Wise, professional, subdued, dedicated, practical, morose, suspicious, complaining, jealous, timid



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