Massive Fraud Hits Bitworld Centre: Macio Being Hunted

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A Brazillian investment group, Bitworld Centre and its CEO, Macio Verly Da Silver, has bitterly defrauded its investors of their hard earned monies worth several billions of dollars in the name of offering very juicy returns in a supossed online bitcoin investment deal.

According to the embittered, defrauded investors across the world most of whom are Africans including many Ghanaians, Macio’s deal, offered 300% returns in 135 days with daily gains of 2.2% and other member enrollment benefits.

After a while when many investors got entrapped, unannounced and strange manipulations began to hit the website with excuse of upgrading the site.

Eventually, initial terms and conditions of the investment, became a slippery deal with a new package which breached the previous terms by offering entirely new terms and conditions.

The manipulation includes clearing off of all dividends earned by investors over the period asking them to restart their investment afresh.

To rub a painful wound with salt, the investors were asked to recruit at least two other investors of their current investment plan or above in order to qualify for withdrawal of their own money as one of the terms in the new package.

These unstable surprising changes of terms and conditions (sometimes twice ) in a day, were the beginnig of the woes of Macio’s Bitworld centre investors.

The online business and the hope of these investors for stability and access to their investments were shutdown when the website platform eventually became inaccessible to investors on 13th of September, 2018, locking all their capitals invested and leaving investors in a state of shock and dismay as they never imagined Macio with a supposed high intergrity, could think of defrauding a multitude of investors in such a painful manner.

Leading the fight to ensure justice and retrieval of monies invested with bitworld centre Scam, a Ghanaian victim, simply known as Elorm, indicated they have served letters and complaints to a number of places including the International Court of Justice and the cybercrime Unit of the Ghana Police Service where a physical complaint was lodged and awaiting necessary actions.

The group also hints of petitioning the Director General of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service as soon as possible, as directed by the Cybercrime unit.

The Brazilian Chamber of Trade and Commerce, was also served with a mail notifying them of the horrible fraud committed by their citizen and also seeking intervention for justice and retrieval of their capital with interest accrued.

Other bitworld centre scam victims in other countries have also taken on the fight to track down the scammers mainly with the security services and the Brazilian authorities.

Meanwhile the angry defrauded investors in Ghana have also taken their lessons learnt to various social media platforms to warn the public against similar situations as Macio, after defrauding with bitworld centre, has launched many other online Crypto currency investment platforms including Ilivebit.



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