Rejects all novice and go for the master (JDM) – Abraham Boafo’s letter to delegates

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Happy New month to all living souls most especially my cherished and well valued Constitutional king makers of the great NDC (delegates).

I wish each and everyone good health and long life as we begin a new month of our dear lord.

We are keenly preparing for our national congress to elect a presidential candidate to wrestle power from this political intruders called Npp.

The journey towards the agenda 2020 for a win is not friendly with novice candidates, we need to go for His excellency the former president of the republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama as the presidential candidate   or the flag bearer of the great NDC to smoothened the road for us to win the 2020 general elections with a landslide margin.

The The former president Mahama whose legacies and track records are well emulating will never be doubted by the Ghanaian people when presented for selection come 2020.

For the fact that, the people of Ghana once voted against the former president and regretted immediately after his vindication by the NPP lead Nana Addo government, I don’t think the NDC will have any problem as a party presenting JM as a flag bearer for the 2020 general elections.

The experience of JM as a former assembly man to the level of presidency of this precious republic is a comprehensive indication that, he is not a novice or a learner on the job, hence we must massively endorsed him to see the exit of the NPP from government come 2020.

Any attempt to vote against JM, is a preparedness of the NDC to be in opposition for another full term.

Delegates must vote against inexperienced, desperate and over ambitious characters in the NDC who by all means want to be flag bearers whether or not they will be able to lead the NDC to win power come 2020.

The continental hero produced by the Guan land is going out there to campaign on his own achievement which other aspirants are insinuating of campaigning on, president John Dramani Mahama is already having that goodwill and the customer loyalty in the Ghanaian political market, his brand is very expensive and appealing to both real, potential and floating voters, hence his unambiguous chances of bringing the NDC back to government.

On this note, I would like to plead with my colleagues delegates to ignore all the characters aspiring to be presidents by all means without considering the chances of the NDC with them being elected as flag bearers, let’s vote for JM to increase the panic and headache of the NPP.

The rest of the aspiring comrades in the races are potential materials, this is a critical moment where the party must be lead by that political experienced and know-how character like JM to drive the NDC to the 2020 general elections, since the road will not favor the party when given the steer to an apprentice to try.

Let’s do away with candidates trying, the people of Ghana mistakenly followed that mantra from the then opposition leader Williams Nana Addo Dunkwa Akuffu Addo and regretted miserably now, let us not also be victims of that.

Let’s vote JM, to give hope to the hopeless, to restore the hope of the grassroots of our party, to revive our weak structures, to strengthen the comradeship of the NDC, and finally to win power come for the party 2020.

As I’m pulling the curtains down, let me once again declare my support for His excellency the former president of the republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, I entreat other delegates to do same for the interest of the NDC and that already disappointed Ghanaian as the NPP is indeed in the process of making living unbearable in this country.

I wish His excellency the former president JDM well, as he tours the greater Accra region, I’m with him in spirit.

I’m proud of him.

Thank you all

God bless Mother Ghana

God bless the NDC

God bless JDM




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