The Creation Of New regions Vrs Development – Fidelis Nkpetere Writes

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Essentially, every country strives to see significant progress in terms of development. The development of a country largely depends on the collective attitude of its citizenry as the government is not the sole administrator of a developmental process.

Contrary in Ghana, the people do not only wish to remain undeveloped but also employs every possible means to frustrate developmental projects initiated by the government.

Among the bold steps taken by the Ghana government to see the immense development of the country is the creation of new regions in the country.

Clearly, varied opinions are aired from diverse angles questioning the impact of this initiative on the development of the country. It is quite unfortunate, however that these views are raised in the context of ethnicity and tribalism. It would have done us great if people. Could remove the tribal and ethic lenses and tackle the issue with utmost objectivity as it deserves. At least, the debate on this would be spared.

Both former president John Mahama and president Nana Addo of the NDC and NPP respectively emboldened the creation of new region in their manifestos in the rundown to the 2016 general election. This is clear! I do not think this would have been promised by these strong rival parties if it would not yield positive results for the country.

Another point suggesting that this debate is needless is the fact that, creation of new regions is never a new thing in Ghana. Upper West, Upper East and Brong-Ahafo region were created in the erstwhile Rawlings regime. The person who will raise concerns about the creation of these regions is perhaps the man who said ”Tweaa”. The creation of this regions obviously contributed greatly to the development of the country in the last two decades.

These regions today have their own Regional Coordinating Council, Regional Hospitals just to mention but a few. It has brought governance closer to the people and paved way for a lot of employment.

The debate on the relevance of creating new regions in the country is needless, unprecedented and uncalled for.

When this step was taken by the government, a lot of brouhaha emerged especially in the Volta region, with regards to the creation of the OTI REGION. When it is obvious that other Regions where new regions are going to be created from are mute. It baffles me when there are this skirmishes in the Volta region. The question I often ask myself is, why every region will embrace development when the Volta Region rather chases it away?

A lot many in the region including the president of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV who was in support initially, is now kicking against the creation of OTI REGION.

The more worrying part of this is that, the region which consist of multi ethnic groups is referred to as ”EWELAND”. The basis why the region should not be created, so lame! This is the more reason why I feel “History” must be prioritized in our various schools as a subject.

It will interest you to know that, Togbe Afede XIV with some chiefs from the southern part of the Volta region threw their full support for the creation of these regions. What must have informed his (Togbe Afede XIV) stance now still remains a mystery yet to be known. He gives what I see to be a lame excuse that, the commission of enquiry did not do a prudent work thereby calling for the whole region to be part of the referendum and not the demarcated areas only. A call which is out of context to a large degree.

A journalist in some few days was allegedly brutalized by some youth in the ASORGLI STATE simply because he made a comment on the creation of OTI REGION. It is sad that not even a single chief including Togbe Afede XIV came out with a press statement to condemn that barbaric act perpetrated by the youth. I really wonder how many more journalist will be beaten as a result.

It is an undeniable fact that the OTI enclave is lacking in terms of development and would definitely witness tremendous development if created as a Region of its own. People against its creation even stands in a position denoting them to be supreme to the laws of the country. One maybe compelled to ask if the constitution of the country is so week that some people will sit at a corner and direct what to be done and what not to be done contrary to the stipulations of the of the constitution?.

It is about time people learn that, the Volta Region does not consist of only ewes and neither is it called ”EWELAND” as claimed by some people. The status quo in creating new regions cannot be changed. It is about time we put down our ethnic, political and tribal goggles down and view the issues with our unpolluted conscience, then we will understand that there is the need for the OTI REGION to be created.

After all, the Volta region has got nothing to lose if the OTI REGION is created. Volta region will have a share from the national cake, likewise OTI REGION. I guess we can all see the uniform development this will foster.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Source: mynewsghana.come


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