Togbe AFEDE XIV, Togbe SRI III lead ‘rebellion’ against new Oti Region at HOGBETSOTSO

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History at the weekend was made in the Volta Region when Torgbe Afede XIV joined the man traditionally regarded as his ”elder brother” the Awoamefia of Anlo State Torgbe Sri III to mark this year’s Hogbetsotso festival at the Hogbe park at Anloga, has filed.

The presence of Torgbe Afede XIV according to some indigenes has been described as unprecedented and historic since it was their first time seeing such colorful public appearance of the two great chiefs and therefore wish it continues for the region to develop.

The Awadada of Anlo, Awadada Awusu II in his speech declared that any attempt to carve a new region out of the Volta Region will be resisted fiercely by all means possible.

“It’s true that in the past, we disagreed with each other and struck discordant tones as chiefs and people of the Volta Region regarding development opportunities. Out of frustration perhaps, some of the chiefs and people may have appealed to the government for the division of the region, the main argument being lack of development”. He continued “there may exist differences in ideas and ideology, this in our candid opinion does not merit the creation of a new region”, he said.

Continuing his address he stated “We the chiefs and people of Anlo are not in favor of the re-demarcation of the Volta region. It is our fervent hope that our suggestion is considered for the peace and development of the region and Ghana at large”.

Torgbe Afede XIV who have been at the forefront of opposing government’s attempt to allow only those at the “affected “areas to be the sole determinants of the fate of the people in the region in his address directs the government to find the legal locus for the creation before it dares goes ahead.

“The constitution which guides us as a people must be strictly followed in the creation of the proposed Oti Region since this involves partitioning of boundaries and division of the people. The right thing must be done for peace and development.

Those who voted in the plebiscite did so at the time this nation had no constitution, therefore as we all are governed by the constitution, it’s proper to follow it to the latter and not disenfranchise any well-meaning citizen of the region”, he emphasized.

This year’s Anlo Hogbetsotso festival was attended by a number of political leaders both from the past government and the current.

The president was represented by the minister of chieftaincy and religious affairs, Hon Kofi Dzamesi who hails from Dzodze in the Volta Region.



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