Why do Artists choose reggae and Dancehall for Showbiz over Traditional music???

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It seems like a day-dream, looking at the way many people spend their scarce resources investing in Reggae and Dancehall, when we all know that we can rebrand our Traditional music to modern day one and sell it to the world in other to show our culture, pride, skills, and Identity…

Everyone wants to do something profitable which will put food on the table by the end of the day. That does not seem to be the case for my fellow brothers and sisters, especially those underground talents, who are chasing the Reggae and Dancehall fraternity trying their best to showcase what they have to offer to the music world whilst we know that everyone born in a particular society in Ghana have Traditional songs that teaches, educate and inform than the genres we are doing currently…

One is left wondering, what motivate Radio and TV personalities to involve themselves totally in promoting Dancehall and Reggae music to the world when only few people seemingly recognize the art. The majority only ignore them as if something like that does not exist.

Another thing is why would an investor and an artist manager invest so much in an genre of music which is not well known to the world. It’s a world full of opportunities so I think Traditional Music must also get to the modern day of music to sell our culture and pride to the world through music.

There are many people who are rich that invest their resources hugely into the Dancehall and Reggae industry so that they will be known to the world and I keep asking why not Modern day Branding of Traditional Music like Agbadza, Atsito, Kinigbadza, Adowa, KoloMashie, Bawa, Kabi Allah, etc… which we know and can do well than the Hiplife, Hip-hop, Gospel, Cools, or any other genre??? Only God will knows the reasons behind.

There are bloggers who will sit down, write about artists who are doing these two genres like Reggae and Dancehall so that more people will read about them and promote their songs. They also write all the necessary things Yvette public must know about Dancehall and Reggae music whiles I know writing is not anything easy to go about but they still make such write-ups their hobby.

I am saying promoting these two genre of music is bad but they should also add Traditional Music to the industry in a modern way which everyone will appreciate.

One young, talented, energetic and versatile guy I know is Arnold Wailer, who is a well-trained journalist, designs a TV show named “SkankingVibez”, with a slogan “You see the glory but you don’t know the story”. The programme is designed to give Reggae and Dancehall Artists and their music a massive exposure the world over. But what baffles me is why will a young talented person venture into a musical genre of that calibre, knowing too well that he or she does not have what it takes to shine no matter how vibrant it is globally??? I said this because you can do what you are born into and know well than what you will learn from somewhere and somebody.

I have questions, to which answers will give everyone the reason behind some of these decisions. The questions are;-

  1. What motivates someone to get involved in the Dancehall and Reggae world of showbiz not Traditional music world?
  2. Of what value is Dancehall and Reggae music to the artists and the world than the Traditional music?
  3. What is the most important thing everybody needs to know about Dancehall and Reggae?
  4. Does it mean that majority of new artists want to do Dancehall and Reggae because there is no tough challenge?
  5. Is Dancehall and Reggae an easy money making area that is not known to the world???
  6. Does it means these investors and artist managers are so wealthy that investing their time and resource into a Dancehall and Reggae music industry does not bother them???
  7. What benefit will the media houses get, aside money, by allowing these Dancehall and Reggae programmes to be aired???
  8. What profit do these Radio and TV personalities get out of these programmes???
  9. Is everyone doing the Dancehall and Reggae thing to get famous or for the money???
  10. What do the bloggers get when writing about the Dancehall and Reggae world???

Written By:
Dodzi Deku, Klikor


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